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Personal cars

We track a wide range of vehicles. When a car is reported as stolen we will switch off the engine remotely and work with law enforcement to get the car recovered.

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Fleet management

Our Software is unmatched in terms of functionality and cost. We have over 20 detailed reports and we are able to customise the reports according to customer requirements. We offer the following functionalities.


Tracking: Our system is able to create object driven distance track according to chosen date. The Program automatically calculates driven distance and shows all records made during this interval. All stops and parkings are recorded. This data is available over a period of up to 3 months.

Routeing: It is possible to create a route up to 3000 km length. Additionally, geo tunnel could be created, to monitor if object has deviated from planned route. SMS and Email informing about this is available.



Geofencing: User can create geo zones and monitor events when an object enters or exits geo zones.

Fuel Monitoring:  We are able to provide detailed fuel consumption reports to help our clients keep track of every drop of fuel filled into their cars, trucks or specialized equipment

Covid response


Halo is a wrist-worn band that briefly vibrates to notify wearers that another band is within 6 feet (2 meters), reminding them of the need to maintain social distance. It is deployed to all personnel at a job site or workplace to help ensure a safe physical distance is maintained.


Halo wrist bands are always on and always “aware”. Low power operation means that workers have reliable, safe-distance monitoring all day long without needing to drain their smartphone battery.


Halo bands keep records of interactions with other bands. Managers can then see which bands have been in contact, when, and how many times. In the case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, you can use this data internally to trace which specific workers might need testing and quarantine.

Optional data downloads can provide organizations with a comprehensive overview on the success of physical distancing policies.

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