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This is what we offer....

1. Track a wide range of devices


Precision uses hardware that has a proven track record with applications in mission critical systems around the world. The hardwired tracking units are one of the smallest available today (approx. 6.5cm x 5.5cm x 1.8cm) and can easily be hidden when installed. These units can withstand high temperatures,  vibration,  a  range of voltages and harsh conditions. The hardwired AVL units can also optionally be wired to shut down the vehicle in the vehicle in the event of theft.

  • Vehicles/Pickups/Panel Vans

  • Tractors/Buldozers/Forklifts/Cranes

  • Trucks (12v and 24v systems)

  • Boats

  • Generators


2. On Board Storage System – No data is lost when GSM network is not available


There is no universal GSM data network coverage in Botswana. However, most drivable streets are covered by a  network and this is suitable for  GPS  tracking.  If however, a  situation where the network is unavailable,  the unit stores data onboard. This means that as the vehicle travels, its track is still being recorded. The moment the  GSM network is available,  all this data is sent to the  Precision server.  All tracks then become available to the customer and all reports and alerts will still apply.  Our hardware does not lose signal in rainy/cloudy conditions.


3. Advance fuel tracking


The precision system is able to provide detailed reports on fuelling and fuel usage and alert when there is excessive fuel consumption. This feature uses the inbuilt analog fuel sensor that comes with every vehicle.  For more accurate fuel monitoring, a digital fuel meter would be quoted separately.


4. Hosted Services


The  Precision server is not at risk of going down if there are local electricity outages or Internet  Service  Provider issues.  Our servers are cloud hosted with guaranteed uptime and availability for tracked vehicles.  As such the interface is fast and responsive. Your information is secure and is not shared with other users.


5. Real Time System View


Upon login, your workspace shows a listing of all your vehicles/tracked devices alongside a real-time position map. You can search for any vehicle, select it in the list and zoom into its location on the map for a closer view. You can choose from various maps including Google maps, and Openstreet map. You can also use satellite imagery for viewing vehicle locations.


6. Historical Track


Running a track of vehicle activity allows you to see exactly where that vehicle drove and where it stopped. You can also view the speed the vehicle travelled. This information is available for viewing data for up to 1 year. This can be extended depending on configuration chosen


7. Flexible Reporting Platform


The disadvantage of most GPS Tracking systems is the lack of or weak reporting features. Clever reporting and event rules make the Precision system manageable for large numbers of vehicles and requires less time for investigation of problems with the fleet. Event rules are the criteria used to generate information for reports and alerts. Reports can be generated instantly from within the application workspace.   Precision reporting is flexible and simple to understand. Reports also can be based on events that occur at certain times or in certain geofenced areas.


8. Geofences – Virtual boundaries used to monitor vehicle entry/exit


Geofences let you define a virtual boundary that encloses a location that you want to monitor. Reports can be set up showing exactly which vehicles entered/exited this location and at what time. When a more immediate response is needed, an SMS can be configured to be sent immediately upon entry/exit of these locations. Geofences can easily be added using the geofence tab and can be either a circle or a polygon that you can draw. Geofences are particularly useful for sending alerts when equipment is removed from a site (e.g. generators, tractors, boats) or when crew is expected to enter and leave a site.


9. Alert – Flexible event rules


One of the competitive advantages of the Precision System is the ability to create alerts based on flexible event rules. Alerts can be configured as emails. Optionally, alerts can be created as SMS text messages which are usually reserved for extreme cases. This is how we advise customers to help solve fleet problems. We customize the event rules that trigger the alerts that in turn contact the customer. This saves the customer time wasted searching for problems. 

Some events for setting up alerts are: 

  • Ignition Switched On

  • Refrigerated Compartment Opened (Accessories Required)

  • Speed Limit Exceeded

  • Geo-Zone enter


10. Mobile Interface


At times you may need to check on your fleet while on the road. A custom interface designed for mobile devices is available to all users of the Precision system. The interface is a light version of the workspace and shows the vehicle listing and the ability to view each on a map. The vehicle position automatically updates as it moves and associated alarms are also shown.


11. Remote vehicle shutdown/Immobilizer


An option available upon installation is the shutdown module. This is a standard shutdown device that is activated by text message. Upon signup, an email is sent including how to shut and re enable your vehicle. The shutdown request will only respond from a predefined list of numbers which are provided to us by the customer. Shutdown must never be used when the  vehicle is in motion and customers assume full responsibility for use of this feature and signature to this condition is required upon signup. Shutdown may not be available on all vehicles.


This feature is popular amongst rental car companies that need to retrieve vehicles that are not returned on time. 

12. Onsite Installation

Scheduling your vehicles to be taken to an installation site during working hours may be a challenge especially when drivers should not be privy to installation location etc. We offer an optional onsite installation service for all installations both during and after hours. 

Hardware is hidden in the vehicle/equipment and cannot be seen during normal operation. There are no visible antennas/wires etc.

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