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Precision Vehicle and Asset tracking is a Gaborone, Botswana based company that supplies a new generation vehicle and asset monitoring solutions. Our solutions uses state of the art technology and ground breaking software.


This is advanced Fleet Monitoring System with management capabilities that offer much more features than  a  standard  GPS  Tracking  system at  comparable, or  in  most  cases  lower cost.  The  system  is  backed  by  technicians  and  engineers  with  the  ability  to customize, expand and successfully deploy it to virtually any application. Precision can help you save time and expense with a low maintenance and hassle free solution:


Not only will you see where your vehicles are in real time, but you will receive alerts and reports to  make  that  information  useful and  help  identify  vehicle  abuse/wasted  trips. Simply  viewing  the  location  of  a  vehicle  on  a  map  is  not  enough  to  save  you  time  and your money but monitoring it will help you have a say about it to your employees or the user of the vehicle at that period of time, i.e if your employees are not using your vehicles accordingly and going to places not permitted  by  you .This can help you save money used on fuel hence having  loyal employees because they will know that you are watching and everything they do, they will do cautiously and accordingly .

The difference with Precision is that it communicates with you, and you don’t have to keep monitoring it if you don’t have the time/manpower to. We will install  the standard hardware for tracking your vehicles but we’ll also meet  with you  to  determine  what  your fleet  related  problems are  and  how  we  can  customize reports/information to help solve your problem. That’s the difference between dealing with a professional  engineering  company  and  a  GPS  tracking  company,  we  solve problems and don’t simply resell products we know little about. We are determined  to redeem the reputation of GPS Tracking systems in Botswana and prove that the Precision system can  do  far  more  than only allow you  to  see  where  your  vehicle  is  on  the  map.

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